Putin dismissed Rogozin from the post of head of Roscosmos

Former military man Yuri Borisov became the head of the country’s space agency. Prior to that, he was Deputy Prime Minister for the military-industrial complex. Dmitry Rogozin has been dismissed from this position. 

Yuri Borisov is the new head of Roscosmos. Source: Wikipedia

Yuri Borisov is the new head of Roscosmos

On Friday, July 15, Yuri Borisov was appointed head of the state corporation Roscosmos. This is stated in Vladimir Putin’s order posted on the Kremlin’s official website. Until now, this post was held by Dmitry Rogozin, known for his odious speeches.

Yuri Borisov is a former military man associated with the air defense forces. While serving in the Soviet Army, he received an education in mathematics at Moscow State University. After retiring, he headed defense enterprises, and later was Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade.

In this position, he was engaged in the implementation of the GLONASS satellite navigation system. In 2012-2018, he was Deputy Minister of Defense. From 2018 to the present day, Borisov has held the position of Deputy Prime Minister for the military-industrial complex.

Dmitry Rogozin ‘s Fate

The fate of Dmitry Rogozin, who headed Roscosmos, still remains unknown. In his position, he became known for actions far from political neutrality. In particular, only a few days ago, when rumors were already circulating about his possible resignation, he forbade Russian cosmonauts to use a manipulator arm. 

So, the fact that he fell out of favor should not be counted on. According to some sources, a place has already been prepared for him in the Putin administration. However, it has not been decided yet. It is quite possible that he will head this structure.

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