Rogozin said he watches NATO

The Chairman of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, in his boorish and inadequate manner, congratulated NATO on its founding day. In his Twitter account, he stated that he is watching the Alliance, and mentioned its general secretary Jens Stoltenberg.

Russian photo of the NATO headquarters. Source:

Rogozin congratulated NATO on its birthday

The most cosmic Russian in the world, Dmitry Rogozin, continues to delight the readers of his Twitter with inappropriate jokes and aggressive hints. On April 4, the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) celebrates 73 years since its foundation. And, of course, the head of Roscosmos could not pass by this date. 

Rogozin greeted NATO with a satellite photo of their headquarters. It was allegedly produced with the help of the Russian satellite “Resurs-P”. Under this photo, the head of Roscosmos remembered Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg waving to him.

The message ended with a significant statement by Rogozin that his organization is monitoring NATO. What was meant by this remained unknown. After all, the headquarters of the Alliance is not hiding from anyone anyway. It is available for orbital observations, even for private companies.

More than a fool’s joke

Dmitry Rogozin’s statements could be ignored. Eventually, after the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, he finally stopped holding back. In his Twitter, for example, you can find a repost of some Russian website that Germany “collected blood samples of the Slavic ethnic group in Kyiv”.

But it is this statement that makes us think hard about the essence of Roscosmos. Dmitry Rogozin’s department positions itself as a civil organization for the development of near-Earth space. And it is this status that makes many people in Europe and the USA still consider it as a “bridge of friendship”. However, NATO is a military-political union. And how they can be threatened by peaceful space explorers is unknown. But this becomes more understandable if we recall that many cosmonauts are officers of the Russian Aerospace Forces. And their colleagues are striking Ukrainian cities with cruise missiles. And no one knows which part of Roscosmos really works for the military.

Therefore, perhaps the North Atlantic Alliance should think about whether Roscosmos is actually a division of the Russian Aerospace Forces. And is the joker Rogozin hinting at missile strikes on Brussels?

According to Rogozin

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