Astronaut Scott Kelly created NFT to support Ukraine

Former astronaut Scott Kelly created a picture in support of Ukraine and turned it into an NFT — a data set protected by a blockchain. The total cost of the works of art created by him is 500 thousand dollars. The money from the sale will go to the fund to help our country.

Scott Kelly created a picture in support of Ukraine. Source: Scott Kelly/Orange Comet

Scott Kelly launched an NFT art project

Former astronaut Scott Kelly, together with the Orange Comet studio, created a number of works of art based on his space travels. The paintings were turned into non-interchangeable NFT tokens. One of them is dedicated to the war in Ukraine. 

NFTs are data sets in the form of binary code protected by blockchain technology. They are very similar to cryptocurrency. Only in the last, the transactions act as encoded information. And in NFT, information usually carries some kind of unique text, image, or three-dimensional structure. Of course, such digital objects are unique, and that is why they are called non-interchangeable tokens.

This kind of art appeared not so long ago, and many do not trust it. But not Kelly, who thinks it’s the future. He used NFT to captivate people with space and quite mundane problems that stand in the way of its peaceful use.

Set of tokens at a price of 500 thousand

The NFT set is called Dreams Out of This World, and it is mainly dedicated to Kelly’s dreams of space and his flights. For example, one of the paintings depicts the moment when the astronaut was wearing a gorilla suit at the station. But not all images are so frivolous. One of them has a panorama of Kyiv and the Ukrainian flag.

 The entire series was put up for auction on April 12, the International Day of Human Spaceflight. It was planned that the NFTs would be sold for several days. However, they were sold out just a few hours later. The total cost was about 500 thousand dollars. This money will go to the fund for assistance to Ukraine.

Scott Kelly has been speaking out in support of Ukraine since the beginning of the war. He has already returned to Russia the medal he was awarded for the flight, and said that Putin’s war crimes and the indifference of Russians condemn them to a very bleak future.

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