Astra Space has launched a rocket for the first time since the crash

Astra Space has announced that it managed to successfully launch satellites into orbit by its rocket. This is the first successful start of the company after the accident that occurred on February 10.

Старт ракети Astra Space
Astra 3.3. rocket launch. Source: NASASpaceflight LLC / Astra Space Inc

Astra Space has launched satellites from Alaska

On March 16, the Astra 3.3 rocket successfully launched several satellites into Earth orbit. The launch was executed from the spaceport on Kodiak Island, located off the coast of Alaska. This was announced by the management of Astra Space, and observers confirmed that the spacecraft is working successfully in space.

This is the company’s first successful launch after the failure on February 10. Back then the rocket with several educational satellites was lost due to a problem with the wiring of the fairing immediately after launch from Cape Canaveral. However, this time everything went according to the plan due to proper work of the Astra Space engineers.Several devices were launched into orbit. The main one – EyeStar-S4  by NearSpace Launch company – is designed to test the connection among satellites. According to the flight plan it remained part of the last stage of the rocket. The second one was developed by OreSat0 students. In addition, at least one more satellite has been launched into orbit, but neither its manufacturer nor its destination has been disclosed.

Is this launch really successful for the company?

Astra Space is a small but very ambitious company that works closely with SpaceX. Its rockets are of the ultralight class. This rocket manufacturer made its first successful launch last year. However, the accident in February called all plans into question.

The company’s shares strongly plunged after the loss of the space launch vehicle together with the satellites. The news of the new success revived interest in them a little, but their price fell again instead of rising. Therefore, there are great doubts about the prospects of this company.However, after Russia’s commencing war on Ukraine, satellite operators are interested in any spacecraft capable of reaching space. Many launcher vehicles now will be engaged with heavy loads, which were previously planned to be delivered by the Soyuz’. And cubesat manufacturers have no choice but to rely on companies like Astra Space.

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