Airplane flight on the background of the Moon over the Great Pyramid of Giza: an impressive photo

The photographer took a photo that can be obtained once in a lifetime. The silhouette of an airplane against the background of the full Moon, which flies over the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Photo “4500 years of human history”. Photo: Rosita Dimitrova

This amazing photo by Rosita Dimitrova demonstrates “the power of chance in photography”. She calls the photo “4500 years of human history” thanks to an Egyptian pyramid dating back to the XXVI century BC.

“This photograph is not only visually stunning but also a testament to the power of timing and being in the right place at the right time. This particular image encapsulates the convergence of nature, human engineering, and celestial beauty in a truly awe-inspiring way,” says Dimitrova.

The picture that was originally the photographer’s goal. Photo: Rosita Dimitrova

The photographer explained that a random picture taken on April 6, 2023, occurred at the end of her photo shoot, when she was about to pack up and leave. 

“I was pretty much done shooting that evening, as the Moon was already higher up over the pyramid than I wanted in my shot. That’s when lifted my head I saw a blinking light approaching the Moon — seconds away from that perfect shot. I was stunned at the possibility and almost froze in a tiny panic! Still, I did manage to press the remote button at the exact right time,” she says.

The next frame after receiving an exciting photo. Photo: Rosita Dimitrova

Bulgarian photographer Dimitrova is delighted with her composition and the combination of man-made and natural wonders that remind us of the timeless charm and mystery that surround these famous sights. 

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According to PetaPixel

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