What is the threat of sex in space

A group of scientists and doctors has published an article in which they call on all interested parties to join the discussion of problems related to sex and childbirth in space. According to experts, the problem contains a lot of both purely biological and social issues.

Sex in space. Source: nypost.com

Scientists are interested in sex in space

A group of scientists and clinical researchers published an article on April 24, 2023, in which they pointed out that the possible consequences of sex in space had not yet been professionally studied by anyone. They called on commercial operators, government agencies, scientists and public figures to join the discussion of this topic. 

According to scientists, the plans of private companies suggest that in the near future the number of people in space may increase, while the growth of visits to the orbit will grow due to space tourists who will use space flight for entertainment and enriching their own experience

Accordingly, the chance that someone will have sex in space is growing. And no one can say what will happen then. There are no serious studies on this topic, no instructions on what is permissible and what is not.It’s trite to answer the question of what to do if a woman gets pregnant in orbit, no one can.

What can threaten love in orbit

The main danger that sex in space carries is connected with the unknown. We can still only think about what everyday issues on earth will be painful in this case. The authors of the study have already outlined some of them. According to them, all problems can be divided into two categories: biological and social.

The biological risks are actually much broader than the simple question of whether sex is acceptable on a spacecraft. Sooner or later, people will settle in space and begin to reproduce there, and all questions concerning not only the behavior of the human body during sexual intercourse in zero gravity, but also fertilization and embryo development remain unresolved.

As for the social and cultural consequences, they mainly concern predicting how often people flying into space to have fun will have sex there? Will they understand how great is the risk of injury during sexual intercourse in zero gravity? And whether the responsible persons are ready for the flow of complaints and court proceedings that the situation potentially entails.

According to phys.org

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