Ursa Space provide EOSDA with analytical services to support missions in Ukraine

The leader in geospatial analytics Ursa Space has announced an agreement with EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA). The company will provide analytical services to support missions in Ukraine.

Satellite intelligence and insights have proven critical in delivering support to Ukraine for safety, security and rebuilding efforts. With the announcement of this agreement, geospatial analytics leader Ursa Space will provide analytic services to EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA) in support of missions in Ukraine. The unique service built atop Ursa’s services and EOSDA’s capabilities will enable the delivery of critical insights over the country.

Ursa Space’s platform orchestrates satellite imagery and analytic services at scale, to rapidly deliver to customers insights when needed. EOSDA, with geospatial analysts based in Ukraine, has created a feature-rich analytics infrastructure service atop their crop monitoring capability that supports Public Sector and commercial businesses globally.

According to the President of Ursa Space, Nicole Robinson, Ursa’s global imagery and analytics orchestration along with EOSDA’s unique knowledge to leverage our services in Ukraine provides for an unparalleled level of knowledge and intelligence on the ground and at sea.

In turn, EOSDA CEO Artiom Anisimov noted:

Sophisticated understanding of vital infrastructure statuses such as energy sources, roadways, agriculture, and other essentials has been taken to the next level with the insights provided by Ursa and EOS Data Analytics. Our joint efforts will play an instrumental role in supporting the state-owned sector and businesses with the actionable geospatial data.

We should add that recently EOSDA also signed an agreement with GEOSAT, a European satellite operator in the field of Earth observation. It will provide images and exploration services in Ukraine and other countries of the world, which will increase the value of such market sectors as agriculture, forestry and natural resource development. In addition, in three months, the launch of EOS SAT-1, the first of seven satellites of the constellation of devices created by EOSDA using remote sensing technologies for agricultural purposes, is due to take place.

About Ursa Space

Ursa Space Systems is a satellite-analytics-as-a-service company that leverages the world’s largest, most progressive commercial satellite network and advanced data fusion capabilities to provide insights into physical changes on Earth. Our focus is on enabling automated change detection from multiple commercial sources, while eliminating the challenges of sourcing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery and performing change analytics. The company’s subscription and custom services enable clients to access satellite imagery and analytic results with no geographic, political, or weather-related limitations.

According to https://eos.com