Ukrainian space startups can get support from the ESA business incubator

The European Space Agency’s business incubator in Portugal is looking for new startups with interesting ideas. The joint work of Ukrainian teams with it can be the beginning of Ukraine’s accession to the ESA.

The ESA Business incubator will support Ukrainian space startups. Source:

Business incubator awaits Ukrainian space startups

ESA BIC Portugal is a project of the European Space Agency (ESA), founded in 2014 with the aim of stimulating privacy, an initiative in the industry. Although it is located in Portugal, it is supported by young teams all over Europe. During its work, it supported 46 startups that created more than 150 jobs.

Ukrainian teams can join this initiative. Before the start of the war with Russia, there were many teams in Ukraine engaged in scientific developments related to space in one way or another. And now the ESA business incubator has announced a special offer for our country. Ukrainian space startups can join it by submitting an application at the following link: https:/ /

Ukraine wants to join the ESA. According to experts, the country has everything for this in both the public and private sectors. Moreover, we have a lot of interesting developments that can surprise even Europeans. This process may take years, but the participation of Ukrainian startups may be the first step on this path.

What projects are interesting to Europeans

Of course, the European Space Agency is primarily interested in private manufacturers of rockets and satellites. The Old World feels its gap with the United States and China in this area and is trying to catch up with them by organizing competitions for private projects.

Video about the business incubator

However, other companies should also pay attention to this offer. ESA is also interested in creating lunar rovers. Therefore, everyone who is engaged in robotics can also count on the support of the business incubator.

And if we mention that the agency has announced plans to launch manned flights, then this generally opens up wide opportunities for Ukrainian space startups. Because the spacecraft in orbit are experiments in biology and medicine, agriculture and materials science, ecology and applied mechanics.

Moreover, the participation of Ukrainian startups in programs for which the necessary experiments in orbit opens the way to space for Ukrainian cosmonauts.

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