Ukraine may join the European Space Agency

Ukraine could join the European Space Agency (ESA). The country has numerous enterprises operating in this industry. Therefore, our country may well replace Russia in many projects in Earth orbit and far beyond its borders.

Ukraine may join the European Space Agency. Source:

European Space Agency needs Ukrainian technologies

The coordinator of EOS Data Analytics space projects, Dr. Natalia Borotkanych, recently stated: “Space is becoming a political arena, and Europe is striving to become a serious independent player in this area. As one of the space states and with a significant history, Ukraine can help Europe ensure its security with the help of space technologies. This is especially true when you consider that Russia was excluded from international programs for the development of near-Earth space. Ukraine could replace it on many issues.”

Ukraine has a lot to offer Europe in the space industry. The country has an established ground infrastructure and has long been an important manufacturer of rockets, launch vehicles and other types of space equipment.

State Space

Only 16 thousand people work at the state space enterprises of Ukraine now. This is quite comparable to the numerical composition of NASA personnel. The main enterprise of the Ukrainian rocket industry is traditionally Yuzhmash. 

It is here that the first stages of the American Antares rockets are produced, which NASA has been using since the beginning of 2013 to transport cargo to the International Space Station and to solve other tasks.

Yuzhmash is also responsible for the production of engines for Vega rockets by the European and Italian Space Agency, which carry small satellites into low Earth and polar orbits, as well as developing a launch vehicle “Cyclone-4M”, designed for commercial launches at the spaceport in Canso, Nova Scotia, in 2024-2025.

Antares rocket with Ukrainian engine. Source: NASA

Advanced Ukrainian Science

But not only state enterprises have a strong Ukrainian space. Over the years of independence, at least 30 startups of the rocket and satellite industry have been founded. Thanks to this, Ukraine belongs to 10 countries that have a full cycle of production of space products. According to Natalia Borotkanich, this can ensure the independence of the European space market if Ukraine becomes part of the ESA.

According to Borotkanich, Ukrainian scientists have several major breakthroughs in technologies operating on a nanometer scale. These are “samples of heat-resistant nanodispersed aluminum composites” that could be used on spacecraft bodies, “solid, radiation-resistant, electrically conductive oils for space” and “materials for high-capacity lithium batteries that convert solar energy into other types of it.”

In addition, Ukrainians have demonstrated extraordinary resilience and ingenuity in repelling the attack of the Russian army. And the Ukrainian fighter pilots showed not only courage, but high professionalism. All these are excellent starting data for the creation of the Ukrainian cosmonaut squad, and the European Space Agency can help with this.

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