South Korea launched solid fuel rocket from an offshore platform

On March 30, South Korea launched a solid fuel rocket from an offshore platform. Such rockets are cheaper than liquid fuel ones. However, this launch indicates an intensification of the space race.

South Korea launched a solid fuel rocket. Source: Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense

South Korea has made a sea launch

On March 30, South Korea launched its first solid fuel rocket. It was carried out from an offshore platform located off the west coast of the country. The launch was completely successful. The South Korean Ministry of Defense reported that the model of the satellite normally separated and entered orbit.

At the same time, the launched rocket is only the upper part of a more powerful carrier. It will be able to launch satellites weighing up to 500 kg into orbits up to 500 km high. The first launch of the entire construction is planned to be realized by the end of 2025.

The launch was held just a week after the test of a North Korean ballistic missile. According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, the new missile cannot be used as a nuclear weapon carrier, but it is capable of putting intelligence satellites into orbit.

Why does Korea need solid-fuel rockets

It is generally believed that solid fuel rockets are less suitable for orbital launches than liquid fuel ones. It is difficult to control them, and this disadvantage overlaps with the fact that they are much simpler than the ones that use tanks and pipelines. But South Korea managed to solve this problem.

The Koreans also have their own liquid fuel rocket called Nuri. It was first tested in October last year. But it seems that the country has decided not to limit itself by one. Since 1979, there has been an agreement between South Korea and the United States, which significantly limited the development of such equipment. However, it was terminated last year.

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