Scientists discovered an unusual triple star system, and private space stations may not be able to replace the ISS in time: News Digest

Selection of the most interesting space news for breakfast: SpaceX canceled the launch less than a minute before start. The Crew Dragon mission has been postponed due to rocket damage, and we recommend you to watch the five best films about the Moon this weekend.

Triple star system gobbled up the 4th star

Astronomers have detected a triple star system that is unlike any that has been seen before. The trio has a hierarchical structure, which means that a pair of binary stars revolve around each other in the center of the system, and the third star revolves around the central pair. This may be due to that there probably used to be a fourth luminary in this system before one of the trinity absorbed it.

The mission was cancelled when there were only 46 seconds left before the launch.After the interruption, SpaceX wrote on Twitter that the launch was postponed to tomorrow. The company did not provide any details about the reason for the interruption.

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Docking Crew Dragon with the ISS. Photo: Wikipedia

Crew Dragon mission to deliver astronauts to the ISS postponed until September

NASA is delaying the next commercial crew mission to the International Space Station by nearly a month after the Falcon 9 booster that will launch it was damaged during transport across the country for testing. The launch of the Crew-5 mission will now take place no earlier than September 29, although it was previously scheduled for early September.

NASA concerns that commercial space stations won’t be able to replace the ISS in time

NASA’s safety advisers warn that the agency’s efforts to transition from the International Space Station to commercial space stations may fail. At a meeting of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, its members expressed concern that the ISS would not be ready by the time the ISS was decommissioned. The fact is that the projects supported by NASA were constantly suffering due to lack of funding.


Pentagon creates office to study UFOs

The US Department of Defense has created a department called AARO, whose task will be to study Unidentified Flying Objects. This step was a continuation of a number of measures taken by the US government in this direction over the past few months. The main task of AARO is to coordinate efforts between the Department of Defense and the US Federal Government on the study of UFOs. Its tasks are defined as “detection, identification and marking of objects showing interest in or near military facilities, areas of military operations and exercises, special-purpose airspace and other zones”.

The five best movies about the Moon

Since times immemorial, the moon has attracted the attention of people. Songs were composed about it, canvas painted, stories and novels written. Cinema was no exception. In honor of the next anniversary of the first man landing on the moon, the team of The Universe Space Tech have compiled a selection of the five most remarkable films about the natural satellite of our planet.

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