Portrait of the Terzan 2 globular cluster

The presented image was published by specialists of the Hubble mission support group. It demonstrates Terzan 2, a globular star cluster located in the direction of the constellation Scorpio.

Globular cluster Terzan 2 (Hubble photo). Source: ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Cohen

Globular clusters are groups of stars closely bound by gravity and orbiting the galactic center as a moon. They are considered one of the oldest objects in the Universe and mainly consist of old luminaries. 

Such objects are characterized by a very dense “packing”, with an average diameter of 100-200 light-years, globular clusters can number tens, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of luminaries. Therefore, in such images, we can see a real stellar “placer”.

The Terzan 2 image was obtained using two main Hubble tools: the ACS camera and the WFC3 camera. The design of the space observatory allows it to conduct observations of celestial bodies using several instruments at once. The light collected by the main 2.4-meter telescope mirror is transmitted to a secondary mirror, which then transmits it to individual instruments using a system of smaller mirrors.

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According to https://esahubble.org

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