Planet Labs publishes the first image of the destroyed Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant

The dam of the Kakhovka HPP destroyed by the Russians was captured on satellite images by Planet Labs. The photo was published on Twitter by the Ukrainian edition “Schemes”. It clearly shows water rapidly pouring out of the reservoir through two large gaps.

Consequences of the dam explosion. Source:

Kakhovka HPP on satellite images

The destruction of the dam of the Kakhovka HPP was confirmed by independent observers. Private satellites of Planet Labs captured the terrible consequences of its explosion. These photos were published on Twitter by the Ukrainian edition “Schemes”.

Reports of the destruction of the dam began to come in the morning of June 6. At the same time, a photo of the destruction taken from a drone was also published. At the same time, Russian propaganda channels began to tell that the dam was damaged as a result of either shelling or a terrorist attack committed by Ukraine.

Although it was immediately clear that neither artillery shells nor a single truck with explosives could cause the recorded damage. The world media covers this news cautiously, following the wording “damaged” and “the parties blame each other”.

Destroyed Kakhovka HPP. Source:

But now the fact of the complete destruction of the dam is beyond doubt. Moreover, almost simultaneously with the “Schemes”, a similar photo was published by the BBC with reference to the Planet Labs.

Consequences of the explosion

As of the middle of the day on June 6, the water in the lower reaches of the Dnieper continues to arrive, washing away houses and trees on its way. Several dozen settlements are being evacuated. The Planet Labs images show that two huge breaks in the dam are the cause of the flood. 

Their image on the satellite picture completely coincides with the photos published earlier. It gives no reason to doubt that this is a planned explosion, prepared in advance and the Kakhovka HPP is really completely destroyed.

As for the long-term consequences of the destruction of the dam, in general, they have yet to be assessed by specialists. However, already now we can confidently say that the consequences of today’s explosion will be eliminated for years.

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