Perseverance found something similar to string on Mars

A rover working on the surface of the red planet found something similar to a string on the surface. This piece of tangled fibers turned out to be part of its own landing system.

Perseverance found something similar to a string. Source:

Perseverance rover found a strange object

The Perseverance rover has made an unexpected find that could become a sensation. On the lifeless surface of Mars, it found a piece of tangled rope. Most of all, it resembles a string. Therefore, the question arises who could have left it on this planet and where it could fish.

The last lakes on the surface of Mars disappeared billions of years ago. So, is it possible that back when multicellular life did not exist on Earth, someone was fishing in one of them and lost this string? In fact, everything is explained much more simply. 

The specialists who controlled the mechanical arm of Perseverance, with which it took samples, identified the “string”. It turned out to be a piece of its own landing system. Either a parachute, or a landing stage, or a back shell. Although the rover drove a considerable distance from the landing site, the wind brought parts of its own landing system to it.

An amazing object on Mars. Source:

Does the “string” threaten the ecology of Mars

This is not the first time Perseverance has found something on the surface that turns out to be part of its landing system. Previously, it had already found its parachute. And there was a strange object stuck in the rock. It turned out to be part of the heat shield of the device.

Of course, you can laugh at people who make a sensation about it every time. But a much more serious question arises: Won’t all these “scientific waste” turn Mars into a giant landfill? Won’t this string forever move around Mars as a monument that people litter everywhere where they appear.

The engineers of the Perseverance mission are sure that it is not. They believe that in a hundred years there will be people living on Mars who will collect all these pieces and exhibit them in museums. There they will testify about the first years of the exploration of this planet.

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