NASA shared fascinating photos of the Earth from aboard Orion

NASA’s Artemis I mission successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center. The mission did not start simply: unsuccessful launches and subsequent delays almost led to a complete failure of the mission due to the expiration date of the SLS rocket. Now when the Orion spacecraft has begun its mission to the Moon, NASA has published fascinating photos from space.

The Earth from aboard the Orion spacecraft.

Orion without a crew is now paving the way for deep space flight, which will later carry astronauts. The plan for the current mission is for Orion to travel around the Moon and beyond at a distance of almost half a million kilometers from the Earth before returning home on December 11.

You can read the full details of how the mission will go all 25 days. NASA will also be posting more footage and images as the mission progresses, follow the updates on our website.

If everything goes well with Artemis I, then the next Artemis II mission will take place in 2024, in which three astronauts will take part to fly around the Moon, and Artemis III will land the crew at the south pole of the Moon in about 2025-2026.

Earlier we reported that while the Orion spacecraft is heading to the Moon, NASA’s tiny Capstone satellite has already entered its orbit to serve as a reference point for the next stages of the agency’s lunar program.

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