NASA creates an online tool to track the Artemis I mission in real time

A few days before the launch of NASA’s long-awaited Artemis I lunar mission, the aerospace Administration demonstrated how anyone can track the flight of the Orion spacecraft in real time during its 42-day journey. After launching on the most powerful NASA Space Launch System (SLS) rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on August 29, the Orion spacecraft will fly almost 400 thousand km to the Moon to get closer to 100 km from its surface.

Artemis Real-time Orbit (AROW) website for tracking Orion’s location online. Photo: AROW

After almost a week of orbiting the Moon, Orion will return to Earth and then land off the coast of Baja, California, at the end of an epic mission of almost 2 million km. Realizing that many space fans will be interested in accessing the latest updates of the Artemis I mission, NASA will launch the Artemis Real-time Orbit (AROW) website to track the progress of the mission in real time. The AROW website will offer images and data that will allow us to determine exactly where Orion is located and track its distance from Earth, from the Moon, the duration of the mission and other parameters.

Artemis Real-time Orbit (AROW) website for tracking Orion’s location online. Photo: AROW

NASA said it will also make Orion’s location data public for artists and creative people who want to create their own app for tracking, visualizing data, or whatever else they imagine. The administration added that while AROW was designed for future Artemis missions, it could use the same technology to offer visualization of other space missions in the future.

AROW goes live on the NASA website the day before the launch of Artemis I on August 28 and on the @NASA_Orion Twitter account.

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