Moon rocket SLS is ready for launch on November 14

The test flight of the SLS lunar rocket is scheduled to begin on November 14. They should start taking it out today. Experts assure that this time everything will go without problems.

The SLS rocket is at launch. Source:

New launch date of the moon rocket

The new launch date of the giant moon rocket SLS is November 14 at 07:07 pm GMT+2. As previously planned, the main load of this mission will be the Orion lunar spacecraft and the European service module, and an additional one will be a bunch of small spacecraft.

The launch is planned to be carried out from launch pad 39B of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Transportation of the rocket to it will begin today, November 4 and will last about 10 hours.

Experts are confident that despite past failures, this time they can check all the systems and no surprises will happen. SLS will make the first unmanned flight and it will be possible to talk about the preparation of a new mission that will take people into lunar orbit.

SLS rocket in 2022

The final stage of preparation for the launch of the SLS lasts for the entire 2022 year. In March and June, the rocket was taken out for rehearsals. The first of them showed that additional work needs to be done. After the second, it was decided to launch a rocket. 

For the third time, the SLS was on launch pad 39B in August. There were two launch attempts in September, one of them was stopped 40 minutes before the launch. On September 26, the rocket was taken back to the Vehicle Assembly Building to hide from Hurricane Ian.

It’s been there for the last five weeks. Experts checked not only its pipelines and tanks, which created so many problems in September. The electric batteries of the payload were also replaced. Everyone hopes that everything will be fine this time, but how much the weather will contribute to this will become known only on the eve of the start.

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