Main astronomical events of September 2022

The first month of autumn this year will bring us many interesting astronomical events, quite fit for observation with amateur instruments. As early as September 7, an opposition near perihelion will pass Juno — the first of four open objects in the Main Asteroid Belt. In 10 days, distant Neptune will be in opposition to the Sun, and on September 26, a great opposition of Jupiter awaits us, when it will be separated from the Earth by 3,953 a. u. (591 million km) — at a smaller distance from us, the largest planet of the Solar System was located back in 1951. Also of interest are the Moon covering Uranus on September 15 and the relatively bright star η Leo, which will be visible in the southern part of Ukraine before dawn on September 23.

Thus, in September, you will be able to see Jupiter with moons through a small telescope or binoculars. Source: Bob King

September 2

• The Moon is 5° west of comet C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS, 7.0ᵐ)

September 3

• The Moon is in the phase of the first quarter

• The Moon is 2° north of Antares (α Scorpio, 1.0ᵐ)

September 7

• The Moon is at perigee, 364,490 km from the center of the Earth

• Asteroid Juno (3 Juno, 7.8ᵐ) in opposition

September 8

• The Moon is 5° south of Saturn (0.4ᵐ)

September 9

• The Moon covers the star τ Aquarius (4.0ᵐ)

September 10

• Full Moon

September 11

• The Moon is 3° south of Neptune (7.8ᵐ)

• The Moon is 3° south of Jupiter (-2.9ᵐ)

September 15

• The Moon closes Uranus (5.7ᵐ)

September 17

• The Moon is in its last quarter phase

• The moon is 1° north of Mars (-0.4ᵐ)

• Neptune in opposition

September 19

• The Moon is at its apogee, 404,555 km from the center of the Earth

September 20

• The Moon is 3° south of Pollux (β Gemini, 1.2ᵐ)

September 23

• Autumnal equinox

• The Moon covers the star η Leo (3.5ᵐ)

• The Moon is 4° north of Regulus (α Leo, 1.3ᵐ)

• Mercury in inferior conjunction with the Sun

September 25

• The Moon is 2° north of Venus (-3.9ᵐ)

• New Moon

September 26

• Great opposition to Jupiter (-2.9ᵐ)

September 27

• The Moon is 3° north of Spica (α Virgo, 1.0ᵐ)

September 30

• The Moon is 2° north of Antares