Japanese company to create artificial meteors

The Japanese company Astro Live Experiences will try to create artificial meteors again. Its previous experiment, conducted in 2020, ended in failure. It collects money for a new satellite using NFT.

Artificial meteors. Source: www.space.com

Artificial meteors

The Japanese company Astro Live Experiences (ALE), based in Osaka, announced that it was raising money for the implementation of the artificial meteor project. In 2019, it already launched the ALE-2 satellite into space, which in 2020 showed the effect of “falling stars” over a given area, but this did not happen due to technical malfunctions.

Previously, ALE promised to hold a new demonstration in 2023, but now it has just begun to raise money for it. According to the company’s representatives, the technology for obtaining light effects in the atmosphere consists in the fact that there is a substance harmless to the natural environment on board the satellite, which it will dump into the atmosphere, and there it will burn at an altitude of 60-80 km like natural meteors.

First of all, the company offers its services to the organizers of various holidays, but clarifies that artificial meteors can be used to study the properties of the upper atmosphere.

Scandalous collection of money

The company does not say when the next satellite will be launched, which will be able to show artificial meteors to everyone. But it actively conducts its advertising campaign, collecting money from everyone.

At the same time, experts are particularly concerned about the fact that ALE does this with the help of non-interchangeable tokens (NFT). They are, in fact, a kind of cryptocurrency and are closely connected with the corresponding networks of “alternative money”. 

Recently, numerous financial institutions from different countries have warned that cryptocurrencies, and NFT in particular, are closely linked to numerous illegal and simply immoral things. The ALE initiative looks extremely suspicious, especially given the fact that the company refuses to disclose whether it has other sources of funding.

In addition, the question arises about how artificial meteors will affect the possibility of contemplating the starry sky. Over the past year, the dispute between SpaceX and astronomers has continued, regarding the too bright and numerous Starlink satellites. It is quite possible that this project will cause something similar.

According to www.space.com.

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