Google marked photos with James Webb with a festive “doodle”

Not only astronomers are admiring the new images of the new generation James Webb Space Telescope. On Tuesday, NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency unveiled a gallery of the first stunning photographs that revealed the universe to us in an unprecedented quality. Google marked the outstanding achievement with a special “Doodle” on the main page of the search system.

Google Doodle in honor of the James Webb Telescope

Google uses doodles – often in the form of small animations, videos, or games – to celebrate or honor various events, people, and places. The doodle in honor of James Webb is made in the form of a magical animated animation of a telescope that extracts the camera and takes outstanding pictures of galaxies, stars and nebulae. 

The Doodle team posted the animation on Twitter, writing: “Are we alone in the Universe? How did we get here? The first images from the James Webb Space Telescope help us see the Universe and answer the above questions.”

James Webb’s goal is to explore the oldest galaxies, observe distant exoplanets and look deep into the history of the Universe.

Recall that earlier James Webb photographed Jupiter.

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