Giant planets near massive stars

The TESS mission found giant planets near two distant large stars. The masses of the open worlds are three times the mass of Jupiter. The temperature on their surface is higher than on Venus. 

TESS found giant planets

TESS telescope found two giant planets

An international team of scientists has announced the discovery of two new large exoplanets. They found them using the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, better known as TESS. 

This device constantly monitors 200 thousand of the brightest stars in the sky and waits for one of them to darken and this will mean that some body has passed by them. It does not track as many luminaries as large telescopes, but it does it very regularly.

Thanks to this, TESS has discovered 5,700 candidates for exoplanets, the existence of 227 of which has already been confirmed. The two new objects are massive gas giants, named TOI-5152b and TOI-5153b.

What the new planets look like

TOI-5152 b is a gas giant with a radius 7 percent larger than Jupiter, but three times its mass. It orbits its star in 54 days at a distance of 0.31 AU. Star belongs to the G1 class. It is about twice the size of the Sun. Therefore, the temperature on the planet reaches 688 K. The system is located 1200 light-years away from us.

TOI-5153 b has a mass 3.26 times that of Jupiter, but its radius is only 6 percent larger. The planet is heated to 906 K because it orbits its star at a distance of only 0.16 AU from the star. The luminary belongs to the F8 class. It is about 40% larger than the Sun. The distance to the system is 1270 light-years. 

Both planets are typical “hot Jupiters”. But they revolve around fairly bright stars. Therefore, they are very convenient objects for studying atmospheres. Scientists suspect that they are rich in metals.

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