Found the last photo taken by astronauts on the Moon

A British photographer found the last photo taken by astronauts on the Moon. Leading NASA restoration expert Andy Saunders shared an improved photo of geologist and astronaut of the Apollo 17 mission Harrison “Jack” Schmitt.

A restored photo of the Apollo 17 mission, which depicts Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, who turns out to be the last one photographed on the Moon by astronauts. Photo: NASA

The photo was taken by fellow Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan. The publication of the photos marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 17, which took place on December 11, 1972. For such an outstanding date, Saunders looked through about 35 thousand photos taken during missions to the Moon to create the book Apollo Remastered, which included about 400 restored photos and spent about 10 thousand hours of time. 

Among all the photos, he found one that is considered to be the last one on the captured film. The photo shows Jack Schmitt in the last moments before the crew leaves the surface of the Moon.

“I’ve assessed every image on film from the entire Apollo programme. And it was this one, which previously stood out in no way against the background of others, that turned out to be the last one that was taken by astronauts on the Moon at all,” explained Andy Saunders.

In 2019, Saunders also discovered the first-ever selfie of Neil Armstrong during his spacewalk as part of the Gemini XXI mission. He noticed that his face was visible in three frames of a high-definition video released by NASA. He combined the images to get a detailed image, which scientists called very “touching”.

According to The Sun

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