Former SpaceX Vice President to become Chief Operating Officer of Skyrora

Skyrora, a company specializing in the launch of small satellites, has appointed Lee Rosen to the position of Chief Operating Officer. He is a former vice president of SpaceX, responsible for launches and missions.

Skyrora is engaged in launching small satellites. Source:

Lee Rosen to become Chief Operating Officer of Skyrora

The Edinburgh-based company Skyrora specializes in launching small satellites. On June 7, it announced the appointment of Lee Rosen as the new chief operating officer. He is a former colonel in the US Air Force. But more in the space world, he is known as the former vice president of SpaceX from launches, missions and customer service.

It is expected that in the new position Rosen will be able to demonstrate his experience. Even before working for Elon Musk, he held command positions at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral and his army career lasted 23 years.

At SpaceX, Rosen rose from the position of director of the Vandenberg launch pad to lead the construction of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy space platforms. He later led SpaceX’s launch operations, and then led missions for civilian, commercial, and government orders. 

Ambitious plans of the company

Skyrora has very ambitious plans. By 2030, they plan to make at least 16 launches. According to the founder and director of the company, Volodymyr Levykin, Rosen, who has experience of more than 200 successful launches, will be able to share his unprecedented experience with the team. 

The final goal of Skyrora should be the first-ever space launch from the territory of Great Britain. For this purpose, the kingdom’s authorities have already agreed on the construction of a spaceport on the Sachs Ward site on the island of Unst. Planning has almost been completed and by the end of 2022 it should be fully prepared for launch.

Skyrora won’t be the only company to launch its rockets from Sachs Ward. In addition, the launch pad will be used by ABL Space Systems and Lockheed Martin. According to the management of the future cosmodrome, they are waiting for a busy summer filled with construction worries, but they should have time before the end of the year.

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