Firefly Aerospace successfully launched a rocket into orbit

Firefly Aerospace has launched the Alpha rocket. It was created by a team of specialists from Ukrainian Max Poliakov. Several small test satellites were successfully launched into orbit.

Firefly Aerospace launched a rocket with the Ukrainian flag.

Firefly Aerospace successfully launched a rocket

The American private company Firefly Aerospace successfully launched the Alpha rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base. This launch is a test launch, and the mission itself is called Alpha Flight 2: To The Black. During it, the carrier successfully launched several small satellites into orbit, mainly created for educational purposes. Thus, it was proved that the company can launch small cargo into space.

The Alpha rocket was created by a team of specialists from Ukrainian Max Poliakov, who recently actively contributed to the purchase of the ICEYE satellite by the Serhiy Prytula Foundation for the needs of the defense of Ukraine. At one time, this businessman literally saved Firefly Aerospace, investing a lot of money in it and attracting experienced engineers who built a new carrier.

Although the rocket is decorated with an American flag, since the company is now owned by Americans, the Ukrainian contribution to its creation is remembered. This is evidenced by the blue and yellow colors placed in its lower part.

What is the Alpha rocket?

Alpha is an ultralight carrier designed to launch 1,170 kg of payload into low-Earth orbit or 630 kg into synchronous solar orbit. Each such launch costs customers USD 15 million.

Alpha rocket launch. Source:

This launch is the second for the Firefly Aerospace rocket. The first one took place on September 2 last year from the same launch pad. But then the flight of the carrier had to be interrupted due to the shutdown of one of the four engines.

The path to success of the second attempt was also not easy. Initially, it was planned to launch on August 30. Then the start was postponed to September 11. On September 30, it passed all the pre-launch tests, but the launch was still postponed on October 1.

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