Exciting video: 1000 LEGO astronauts fly into space

Two cameras recorded how 1,000 astronauts from LEGO rose to the border with space on a miniature spaceship, similar to the Space Shuttle, made using 3D printing. The journey was provided by a balloon that burst after lifting the toy astronauts to a height of 35 km above the Earth’s surface. Parachutes provided a soft landing of a toy spaceship to earth.

A miniature Space Shuttle made of 3D-printed carbon composite material was created by a team of space architects and engineers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

Three separate space flights took place, during each of which about 330 toy astronauts rose. And a team from the Kreativ Gang, a marketing agency that campaigned on the use of LEGO, had the task of making sure that none of the astronauts fell out of the open Shuttle.

A member of the Kreativ Gang team with a 3D-printed space shuttle. Photo: Kreativ Gang/LEGO

“We wanted the LEGO figures to be visible high in the sky, not stored inside a space shuttle. But making the figures stay attached to the Space Shuttle after the balloon burst was a huge challenge. After all, during the free fall stage before the opening of the parachute, they experienced speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour,” says Dominik Matusinsky, head of the Kreativ Gang.

A toy Space Shuttle with figures of astronauts, which raises a balloon into the sky. Photo: Kreativ Gang/LEGO

In an Instagram post, the Kreativ Gang team explained that the LEGO figures took off from Male Bielice Airport in Slovakia on May 20 on a shuttle made of 3D-printed carbon composite material and stainless steel. 

“This cosmic achievement was captured by two cameras throughout the flight. One camera tracked the space with the mini-crew from the cockpit, and the other showed a panoramic shot of the entire platform. In the photos and videos you can see breathtaking shots of the Earth, as well as figures which fully enjoy their flight into space,” the team commented on the completion of the outstanding flight.

The balloon explodes at an altitude of 35 km above the Earth’s surface. Photo: Kreativ Gang /LEGO

This trick was an advertising campaign for LEGO. Anyone who buys a constructor and registers it can win toy astronauts who have really been in the stratosphere.

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