Distorted Universe makes the science of space false

Several scientists have suggested that the scientific community needs to reconsider everything we know about the Universe. Since the time of Edwin Hubble, no one has challenged his theory of a uniformly expanding space. Some experts claim that the entire Universe is actually distorted, which has serious consequences for our understanding of the structure of the world.

Scientists’ understanding of the Universe may be wrong. Image: Pexels

Oxford University professor, Subir Sarkar, told New Scientist magazine that he found evidence that our current understanding of cosmology is not true. Moreover, his colleagues do not even want to hear the scientist’s proposal.

Doubts about the cosmological principle

The idea that the cosmos looks almost the same is called the cosmological principle. This is a fairly old hypothesis that has existed in one form or another since the 1500s. However, scientists like Sarkar dispute the ancient claim that the movement of the Milky Way through the Universe distorts our vision of the rest of the space. Sarkar argues that we make up the big picture based on a lack of data on nearby galaxies – we can’t know exactly how far they are from each other, which leaves space for other assumptions. 

Sakar gives an example of the behavior of an individual in a herd. When one animal in a large herd slows down, it seems that all the others are running away from it at a fast pace. Similarly, it is possible that from Earth it only seems that the Universe is expanding at a constantly set rate.

Sabotage of science

Sarkar is not the first to suggest that our current space models are incorrect. In 2020, New Scientist also reported that the Universe is expanding much faster than we thought, which is incompatible with generally accepted models of physics. In 2021, Alexia Lopez from the University of Central Lancashire discovered a giant line of galaxies that also violated well-known scientific laws and theories.

Sarkar says that admitting that our current theories about the Universe may be false would mean a large-scale revision of existing theories that many are unwilling and even afraid to accept. But if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that our understanding of the natural world in retrospect often looks wrong.

Earlier, scientists suggested that the era of the expansion of the Universe is coming to the end.

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