Defence Intelligence of Ukraine uses ICEYE satellite to target occupants’ equipment

Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has reported on the use of the ICEYE satellite, an almost two-year old satellite bought with “people’s” money.  According to them, it is used not only to track the movement of the occupiers’ troops, but also to provide them with weapons.

Image obtained by the ICEYE satellite. Source:

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine continues to use the ICEYE satellite

The satellite of the ICEYE company, purchased in August 2022 for the funds of ordinary Ukrainians, continues to serve the state. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine in its telegram channel.

Specialists, who right now are eliciting from the occupants their thieving plans, report that the use of this vehicle has brought their work to a whole new level. “This is just cosmos,” they commented on the whole situation.

In August 2022, the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation raised money for a new batch of “people’s bairaktars”. However, a rare opportunity arose for them to use that money to purchase something more epic. Thus, a satellite with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) appeared in the arsenal of Ukraine’s defenders. It is capable of seeing the enemy in the dark, through rain and clouds.

What the satellite saw

In a new report on the use of the ICEYE, Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said that during the period of its use, officers took a total of 4,173 images of enemy targets, including 370 airfields; 238 — air defense and radio intelligence positions; 153 — oil depots and fuel depots; 147 — missile, aviation weapons and ammunition depots; 17 — naval bases.

Also in the lens of ICEYE are constantly located points of permanent deployment of enemy forces, its ranges, military camps, centers of mobilization deployment — this makes it possible to track the dynamics of Russia’s movements with personnel, to reveal its military intentions in order to disrupt them.

The satellite makes it possible to constantly track the movement of military equipment and determine its type. This happens even when it hides in the “green zone”. Thanks to this, Ukraine’s defenders always know the enemy’s plans.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine emphasizes that the ICEYE satellite is used not only for passive observation of the enemy, but also for fire damage. 38 percent of all the imagery it acquired was used for missile and drone strikes. This has caused billions of dollars in damage to Russia.

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