Chinese scientists published a plan to destroy Starlink satellites

China is concerned about the possible military use of Starlink satellites. Scientists in this country believe that the combination of “soft” and “hard” methods of destruction can disrupt the functionality of the network.

Starlink satellites seem to be a threat to China. Source:

Starlink satellites worry China

China is seriously concerned about the possible military use of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. With the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, this satellite Internet network turned from a fashionable toy into the most important defense technologies. Light and relatively cheap terminals can be transported even by relatively small groups of military personnel.

Due to this, all methods of radio interference on the battlefield are useless. Timely receipt of satellite information allows troops to use flexible tactics against a numerically superior enemy. 

In addition, there are now about 2,000 Starlink satellites in low orbits. And in the case of a direct conflict with the United States, Elon Musk can use some of them as battering rams and leave the Celestial Empire without “heavenly eyes”. One could laugh at these fears, but two SpaceX satellites have already passed near the Chinese space station, and its crew had to dodge them.

Destroying Starlink satellites is not an easy task

Currently, everyone is afraid that China will take advantage of the difficult international situation and try to attack Taiwan. And the prospect of encountering an army equipped with such a perfect connection does not please the Celestial Empire. And the experience of using Starlink in Ukraine by civilians greatly limits the possibilities of conducting an information war.

With this in mind, researchers from the Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications have published an article on ways to counter these satellites. In their opinion, the combination of “soft” and “hard” methods will make it possible to punch large enough holes in the system so that it stops functioning normally.

Obviously, this should be understood as the use of missile weapons against a number of satellites with a simultaneous hacker attack on the rest. The Starlink system is considered low-vulnerability due to the large number of satellites. But recently, the US Space Command has been showing serious concern. It seems that no one thought until 2022 that the war in space could be so intense.

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