Canada to Create Space Division

By the end of this year, a space division will be created within the Royal Canadian Air Force. It will become an analogue of the American Space Forces, but on a much smaller scale. It is not yet known what kind of defense projects the division will be engaged in.

Canada creates a space division within the Air Force. Source:

Canada to create a space military division

Brigadier General of the Royal Canadian Air Force Michael Adamson announced the creation of a separate space division in their structure. This division will report to the Commander of the Air Force, but at the same time play the role of the US Space Force.

Currently, the project of creating a Canadian Space Division is being considered in numerous ministries and departments. Adamson, who is in the Canadian Air Force and is now responsible for the space direction, is sure that the passage of all procedures will take 6-8 months. And at the end of this year, the division will be created.

Despite the name “division”, it will be a quite small division. At the initial stages, it will include only 180 specialists. In the future, their number will be increased to 270. Basically, these are engineers who are now being selected by all the Canadian Armed Forces.

Canadian element of US Space security

The creation of the Canadian Space Division is a response to the US call to prepare for a military confrontation in space. The United States is reviewing its space security system, trying to make it more global and flexible. And the creation of the most complete space forces in the allied countries is one of its central elements.

Still, general things are being told about the tasks facing the Canadian Space Division. It is obliged to provide the country’s armed forces with capabilities in space. According to Adamson, several projects are currently under development, but it is too early to talk about which of them will be implemented.

One moment is beyond doubt: The concept of the Canadian space division is already being integrated with commercial structures. It is a main element of the new US space security project. It would be strange if Canada did not adopt this technique.

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