Broadcast of the SLS lunar rocket launch

The giant SLS rocket is completing its final preparations for launch. The launch is going to take place today at 15:33 Kyiv time. The probability of good weather is 70 percent.

SLS launch. Source NASA/Bill Ingalls

SLS Launch

The first Artemis I demonstration mission, which is a part of the program to return people to the Moon, is being prepared for launch. It is scheduled for 15:33 Kyiv time. However, the weather around the launch pad remains unstable. Meteorologists give a 70 percent chance that the rocket will be launched today.

The giant Space Lunch System (SLS) rocket is in its final stages of preparation. The broadcast of these processes takes place on the official NASA channel. There you will be able to admire the start of this huge 100-meter-high construction.

The first demonstration mission

The final decision on the launch will be given just a few hours before the event itself. If the weather conditions are unfavorable, it will be postponed to September 2. Artemis I is an unmanned demonstration mission. As part of it, the Orion spacecraft, the European service module and a bunch of additional cargo will be sent on a flight path to the Moon.

The main payload will perform several maneuvers near the Moon and return to Earth. Meanwhile, most of the small cubesats will continue to travel in space. Specialists recognize the danger of mission failure due to technical reasons. According to them, the chance of losing the launch vehicle is 1 in 125.

SLS is one of the giggest launch vehicles in history

If the mission is successful, the next step will be to deliver the astronauts to the lunar orbit. So far, it is planned for 2024. And after that, the Artemis III mission is planned, which is going to culminate with a man setting foot on the surface of the Moon again.