Astronomers discovered a new radio source of unknown origin

During observations of a spiral galaxy known as NGC 2082, a team of Australian astronomers discovered a bright compact radio source. The origin and nature of this source is still unknown.

Photo of the galaxy NGC 2082 with the marked position of an unknown radio source. Source: dit: Balzan et al., 2022

Many objects in the Universe are quite powerful radio sources. Among them are pulsars, some nebulae, quasars and radio galaxies. Now their list has been replenished with another name. During the study of the spiral galaxy NGC 2082, performed using the ASKAP, ATCA and Parkes telescopes, Australian astronomers discovered a strong point radio source. It received the designation J054149.24-641813.7.

J054149.24-641813.7 is located 20 arcseconds from the center of the galaxy. According to the researchers, it is highly likely that it is not part of NGC 2082 and is an extragalactic background source, such as a quasar, radio galaxy or an active galactic nucleus. The radiation characteristics of the object support this hypothesis. But for final confirmation, researchers will need additional observations.

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