Astronomer filmed an impressive video of a plasma “shot” on the Sun at an altitude of 20 thousand km

An amazing video of a giant swirling plasma vortex on the Sun was shot by amateur astronomer Apollo Laski. Mind-blowing footage shows a scalding hot solar tornado with a height of 20 thousand kilometers. The ejection is part of a solar storm system and would have been large enough to incinerate the Earth if our planet had been very close. Fortunately, the eruption was not directed towards the Earth.

A powerful solar outburst captured by an amateur astronomer. Photo: Apollo Laski

In fact, most of the plasma ejection fell back to the surface of the Sun. The rest of the solar matter, having gained sufficient kinetic energy, was thrown into space.

An astronomer used a solar telescope in his backyard to take these impressive shots. The author of the video lives in Illinois, and his Astrobin profile says: “I am known for being banned from all astronomical forums because of my solar telescope”.

Animation of a solar flare with a height of 20 thousand kilometers

Now space weather experts are closely monitoring the huge sunspot, which has recently doubled in size and is now three times larger than Earth in area. An unstable area on the surface of the Sun faces directly to the Earth, so if it explodes, it can cause a strong outburst of solar flares in our direction. So far, such a scenario is unlikely, but it is quite possible if the sunspot continues to grow and behave unstable.

Recall that earlier Solar Orbiter sent a fascinating video of the “solar hedgehog”.

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