Amazon Web Services to support the development of 10 startups

Amazon Web Services has selected ten space startups that will participate in the development acceleration program. These companies will receive a course of consultations with mentors and 100 thousand dollars each for development. There is one company from Ukraine among the winners.

AWS will support 10 startups

Which startups will support Amazon Web Services

On May 24, Amazon Web Services (AWS) selected ten startups to join their second “space acceleration” program. It is designed to support the early stages of development of companies related to analytics and cloud technologies.

However, companies from all over the world participating in the program are also engaged in rocket launches, satellites and financial activities related to space. The following companies were recognized as winners of the Amazon Web Services selection:

  • manufacturer of satellites for thermal observation from low orbit, Albedo;
  • startup in the field of climate intelligence, Blue Sky Analytics;
  • provider of satellite data analysis services, EOS Data Analytics;
  • Epsilon3, producing software for managing orbital operations;
  • Kayhan Space, producing software for spacecraft;
  • Developer of Magdrive electric jet engines;
  • Mission Space, engaged in weather observations;
  • Terradepth — provider of computer solutions in the field of ocean resource management;
  • Developer of reusable spacecraft, The Exploration Company;
  • ZaiNar Tech, specializing in navigation and positioning.

Offered to startups

Representatives of all selected companies will undergo a four-week training in June with experienced mentors from the partner of the AlchemistX program. Also, each participant will receive 100 thousand dollars to overcome the early stage of development.

At the same time, it is pleasant to note that one of the winners of the competition is a company from Ukraine — EOS Data Analytics. Last year, AWS proteges included Cognitive Space, D-Orbit, Descartes Labs, Edgybees, HawkEye 360, LeoLabs, Lunar Outpost, Orbital Sidekick, Satellite VU and Ursa Space. Since that time, they have been able to earn a total of USD 359 million.

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