Al-Amal and MAVEN missions will join forces to study Mars

NASA announced that an agreement has been reached providing for the exchange of scientific data between the support groups of the Al-Amal and MAVEN missions. This should increase the scientific impact of both projects and help solve the mysteries of the Red Planet.

The MAVEN spacecraft in the artist’s image. Source: NASA

The MAVEN spacecraft was launched by NASA in 2013. It is designed to study the Martian atmosphere and, in particular, to measure the rate of its leakage into space. In recent years, the device has also begun to be actively used for relaying data collected by spacecraft operating on the surface of Mars. 

In 2020, Al-Amal went down in history as the first spacecraft built in an Arab country launched to another planet. The main objectives of the mission are to study the weather processes and climate of the Red Planet, as well as the interaction of the upper and lower layers of its atmosphere.

The Al-Amal spacecraft in the artist’s image. Source: NASA

According to NASA representatives, the mutual exchange of data will allow scientists to better understand the processes taking place in the Martian atmosphere and how it gradually evaporates into outer space. The last is of particular interest. According to the prevailing opinion, in the distant past Mars had a much more powerful gas shell, which allowed it to maintain the existence of liquid water on its surface. But then the planet lost the main part of its atmosphere, gradually turning into a desert world familiar to us. Al-Amal and MAVEN data can help scientists solve this mystery.

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