Satellite showed the Russians fleeing to Georgia

The satellite of Maxar Technologies showed long queues of cars at the border checkpoint between Russia and Georgia. Russians are fleeing from mass mobilization for the war with Ukraine.

A column of Russians at the entrance to Georgia in September. Source: Maxar Technologies

Satellite showed queues in Upper Lars

Maxar Technologies has published on its Twitter the accompanying images of the Upper Lars border checkpoint in the Caucasus Mountains. They show a queue of dozens and hundreds of cars, which stretch for many kilometers.

The queue is located on the northern side of the Russian-Georgian border, which indicates that it is the residents of the largest country in the world who are trying to rush to the territory of a small mountain state, in which territory their troops invaded almost 15 years ago.

This time, the Russians’ desire to be in Georgia is connected with the announcement in their country of partial mobilization for the war in Ukraine. It seems that the citizens disliked this decision so much that they are ready to stand for hours on a narrow mountain road, creating a picture that looks like a humanitarian disaster from a satellite.

Russians on Maxar satellite images

Maxar Technologies satellites have been tracking the course of the Ukrainian-Russian war from the very beginning. According to their photos, you can even trace how its course influenced the development of the society of the largest country in the world and the second-strongest army.

A column of Russians at the entrance to Ukraine in February. Source: Maxar Technologies

In February, the pictures showed long columns of military equipment slowly creeping into the territory of Ukraine. Then there was an image of mass graves of civilians in Bucha and Mariupol. Then it was the turn of the Snake Island, from which the Russians disappeared.

And finally, in the pictures of Maxar Technologies again columns of Russians. But this time they are fleeing to Georgia in order not to get on those cars that are now heading to Ukraine. We can hope that the satellites will show us the continuation of this fascinating story.

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