US is preparing to propose a resolution on the prohibition of anti-satellite weapons

The United States is preparing to propose a resolution to the UN this month on the complete prohibition of anti-satellite weapons. They hold meetings in order to ensure its support by other countries.

UN resolution banning anti-satellite weapons

The United States has announced that before the end of this month it will submit to the UN a resolution on a complete ban on anti-satellite weapons. US Vice President Kamala Harris announced this at a meeting of the National Space Council on September 9.

The Russians’ test of anti-satellite weapons in the autumn of 2021 caused considerable concern about the safety of the civil orbital infrastructure due to the large amount of debris generated.

With the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, fears that someone’s barbaric actions will make the peaceful development of the orbit impossible have intensified. Therefore, in April 2022, the United States announced the abandonment of its own anti-satellite weapons and called on the whole world to do the same.

However, consultations on the form in which this ban would be issued continued throughout the following months. In particular, on August 24, it was announced that the United States is considering two possible ways: a UN resolution or a binding agreement that all countries will be able to sign individually.

Confrontation in the international arena

The main opponents of this agreement are Russia and China. The fact that the United States chose the option with the UN resolution suggests that they do not see the possibility that in the near future these countries could give up anti-satellite weapons voluntarily.

Of course, China and Russia will resist both the adoption of this resolution and its implementation. That is why US officials are negotiating with representatives of other countries to support it. Even if authoritarian regimes refuse to implement it, the free world will be able to use this decision to put pressure on them.

In addition, the United States has intensified its efforts under the Artemis Agreements, to which Ukraine is also a party. Already this month, their participants will meet at the International Astronautics Congress in Paris. They can discuss their commercial and scientific prospects.

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