Satellite captured the consequences of the explosion of the Crimean bridge

The Planet company has published photos of the Crimean Bridge taken by one of its satellites. The first picture was taken on October 7, the second on the afternoon of October 8. The photos clearly demonstrate the consequences of the explosion that occurred on it.

Crimean Bridge on October 7, 2022 (before the explosion). Source: Planet
Crimean bridge on October 8, 2022 (after the explosion). Source: Planet

The explosion of the Crimean Bridge led to the collapse of three automobile spans. In addition, there was a fire of tank wagons on the railway bridge. On the Planet image, a long column of black smoke is clearly visible stretching from it.

The incident is of great strategic importance. The destruction of the Crimean Bridge should complicate the delivery of cargo and reinforcements for the Russian army. In addition, it became a giant moral blow for the invaders, who liked to brag about the invulnerability of the structure.

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