Multiverse or void: Astrophysicists argue about the Cold Spot

Astrophysicists believe that our universe as we know it is not alone. There is a Multiverse hypothesis about parallel worlds. Each such alternate universe has its own version of reality. Hypothetically, things happen there that have not come true in our dimension. For example, a civilization has developed on Mars or the history of our Earth there follows a different scenario.

The Multiverse hypothesis of parallel worlds may explain the mysterious void in space

The latest proof confirming the existence of the Multiverse came from the Royal Astronomical Society in the UK. They recently published a study on the Cold Spot. This is a very cold region of space, discovered in the relic radiation caused by the birth of the Universe as a result of the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago.

The Cold Spot was discovered in 2004 by NASA’s WMAP satellite and confirmed in 2013 by ESA’s Planck spacecraft. Most astronomers and cosmologists consider it extremely unlikely that it was formed at the creation of the Universe, since it is mathematically difficult to explain with the help of cosmological inflation. The new study has a more mundane explanation: this cold region is an optical illusion caused by the absence of neighboring galaxies.

Anisotropy of the relic radiation according to the WMAP and Planck satellites. Photo: Wikipedia

“We cannot completely rule out that the Cold Spot is caused by an unlikely fluctuation explained by the Big Bang theory. But there are more exotic explanations. The most interesting of them is that this spot arose as a result of the collision of our universe with another. If further, more detailed analysis proves that this is the case, then the Cold Spot can be accepted as the first proof of the existence of the Multiverse,” explained Professor Tom Shanks from Durham University.

If there is a multiverse, scientists must recognize that the ultimate goal of physics is to find out why our space takes such a shape and why certain fundamental quantities have such values. For example, the speed of light, the mass of an electron and the force of gravitational interaction. However, if the Multiverse really exists, this quest may be doomed to failure. If the number of parallel Universes is infinite and they differ somewhat from each other, there will be an infinite number of different basic principles of physics.

The Cold Spot is located in the constellation Eridanus in the southern galactic hemisphere. The inset shows a map of the microwave temperature of this part of the sky, obtained by the ESA Planck satellite. The main figure shows a dark matter distribution map created by the DES team

Ironically, one of the most ardent opponents of the idea of the Multiverse is one of its first founders. Paul Steinhardt from Princeton University contributed to the development of inflation, the theory of the beginning of our world. He also cannot explain the nature of the Cold Spot, which may be proof of the existence of the Multiverse. According to his hypothesis, as soon as the universe begins to form, it leads to the endless formation of parallel worlds.

According to Physics Astronomy 

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