Hubble shot the Angel Wing

The shown image was obtained by the Hubble telescope. It demonstrates the deep space object VV689, also informally called the Angel Wing.

Pair of merging galaxies VV689, also known as Angel Wing (Hubble photo). Source: ESA/Hubble & NASA, W. Keel

In fact, the Angel Wing is a pair of merging galaxies. The collision led to the formation of a giant structure visually resembling a pair of wings.

The image of the Angel’s Wing was taken during a series of observations made to support the Galaxy Zoo citizen science project. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers from many countries participate in this project. They view images from robotic telescopes and help astronomers classify galaxies.

Over the years of Galaxy Zoo’s existence, astro-enthusiasts have discovered a number of very strange and bizarre types of galaxies, some of which were not previously known. The most notable of them were further studied by Hubble. Meanwhile, in keeping the spirit of the project, the targets for observations were chosen via vote among the Galaxy Zoo participants.

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