Former cryptocurrency company to create reality show with launching people into space

The space research agency SERA, which used to be a cryptocurrency company, promises to send representatives of those countries that are deprived of this opportunity into orbit. To select a contestant from Nigeria, they plan to have a real reality show.

Blue Origin rocket launch. Source: Blue Origin

Company promises to launch Nigerian into space

The space research agency SERA formerly called Crypto Space Agency is known for using cryptocurrency to pay for private missions into space. In particular, it was they who paid for the stay of Brazilian Victor Correa Hespanha aboard Blue Origin’s NS-21 suborbital mission.

This all happened in 2022. A lot has changed since then. The US Securities Commission has become much more suspicious of cryptocurrency. Therefore, the company had to change its name. But they have not given up on interesting space projects. Now their main project is to launch into space representatives of countries that will definitely be there not soon enough.

These are private astronauts from Nigeria, India as well as small island nations. The last group consists of 39 independent states and 18 associated territories. However, even all of them together are unlikely to have a population of 1 million.

Purchased flight and reality show

Since SERA changed its name earlier this year, it has been silent on its own funding sources. However, back in April, its representatives announced that they had bought all six seats in one of the launches from Blue Origin at a price still undisclosed.

Participants from the said countries will compete for them. How this will happen is known for sure, at least for the representatives of Nigeria. The initial selection among all those who apply will be done through open voting on the internet. The winners will participate in the filming of a documentary series about the preparation process.

In fact, we are talking about a reality show in which participants will be divided into several teams and will compete for the right to fly into space for real. The details of selection for a number of other countries, meanwhile, are promised to be revealed later this year.

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