First Ukrainian commercial satellite EOS SAT-1 flies into space

The EOSDA company will launch the first satellite of its own constellation, completely created within the framework of the Noosphere project group.

The EOS SAT-1 satellite will go into space on January 3 as part of SpaceX’s Transporter-6 mission. This spacecraft will become the basis of the world’s first orbital monitoring system for agricultural and forest lands.

EOS SAT-1 satellite

SpaceX to launch Ukrainian satellite

The Transporter-6 mission will be the next launch of SpaceX, in which 114 satellites of different companies will be put into orbit at once. The launch is scheduled for 04:56 p.m. GMT+2 from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome.

For Ukraine, the most important of the hundreds of devices will be the EOS SAT-1 satellite. The device was built and equipped with two high-precision DragonEye cameras of the Ukrainian-South African manufacturer of space optics Dragonfly Aerospace, the satellite engine was developed by the Ukrainian company SETS (Space Electric Thruster Systems), and the Flight Control Propulsion company provided 3-D printing of parts and manufacturing of body elements. As a global provider of satellite analytics, EOSDA will receive satellite images for further processing and provide its customers with high-quality data for making informed decisions in the agricultural sector. All the listed companies are part of Max Poliakov‘s Noosphere project group.

So Ukrainians can be proud of this launch. Everyone who wants to cheer for a successful launch will be able to watch RawSpaceVideos on the Youtube channel. The commentator will be Matt Holmes. The Ukrainian broadcast will be hosted by Хмаринка Science (Khmarynka Science). You can also watch the broadcast on the SpaceX channel.

What is EOS SAT-1?

EOS SAT-1 is an optical and infrared satellite for observing the Earth’s surface. The weight of the device is 178 kg, and it is powered by solar panels. The satellite will be in a sun-synchronous orbit, thanks to which it will be able to inspect the illuminated surface of the Earth.

The main instrument on board the satellite will be a pair of DragonEye cameras. In total, they provide a resolution of 1.4 m. In total, each of them has 11 data transmission channels. Three of them transmit information in the visible range, two in the near infrared, three on the border of the two ranges and three more are special.

The purpose of launching EOS SAT-1 is to create the world’s first satellite monitoring system specifically designed for agriculture. Previously, data from conventional observation satellites, such as Sentinel, were used for this purpose. EOS Data Analytics and other companies extracted geospatial information from them.

New opportunities in agribusiness

“This launch creates new satellite capabilities and changes the rules of the game in agribusiness. EOSDA will now work with its own data sets to provide even deeper and more accurate information to its customers and partners,” said Artem Anisimov, CEO of EOS Data Analytics.

The new system will allow to assess the condition of the fields every 5-7 days and thus get a forecast for the future harvest. In addition, EOS Data Analytics will be able to assess the state of forests. By 2025, 6 more similar devices should go into space. Together they will create the world’s first agricultural grouping.

EOS Data Analytics is confident that when the grouping is ready, they will be able to monitor the area of 100 percent of the countries that are the main suppliers of agricultural products on the world market. It will monitor 12 million km2 daily.

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