China is building a satellite communication station in Antarctica

China has announced that it will build a new communications station at its Zhongshan Antarctic base. With its help, they plan to speed up data exchange with their satellites. The antenna will become part of the network that the Celestial Empire is building abroad.

Communication station of the Chinese space network. Source: Wikipedia

New Chinese Communication Station

China will build a new satellite communication station in Antarctica. This was announced on February 2 by the official publication China Space News, which covers the development of the country’s space industry. It is reported that this will be the ground component of the ocean tracking system.

The tender for its construction was won by a subsidiary of the state corporation China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC). According to Chinese government officials, the station will become part of a long-term project for the economic development of the marine environment.

In general, the project provides for financing in the amount of USD 6.52 million, which will be used for the construction of four additional antennas at Zhongshan station. It is expected that they will contribute to the collection of data from Chinese satellites in polar and close orbits.

Chinese ground-based satellite network

China launched several Haiyang oceanographic satellites into orbit from 2002 to 2021. And plans to increase their number in the near future. They perform the tasks of studying the weather over the oceans and the stream flows in them.

But in order to communicate with them, China needs communication stations located outside the country. In the autumn of 2022, a researcher from the United States has already noted that the Celestial Empire has created a wide network of antennas in South American countries.

Officially, they are purely a civilian appointment. But they are located on territories given for long-term lease. The authorities of the countries do not inspect their work. Therefore, they may also have a military purpose. In addition, the Celestial Empire relies on the Yuanwang space communication ships.

It is expected that the station in Antarctica, which will be located on the 69th parallel, will be able to join this network. However, it will not be unique. At least the USA, Great Britain and France have similar antennas on the icy continent.

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