Celestial events of June 2022

Since the beginning of June, a period unfavorable for night astronomical observations begins at the latitude of Kyiv: the Sun does not sink below the horizon more than 18 ° and the evening astronomical twilight turns into morning. This situation will last until about mid-July. On June 21, the declination of the center of the solar disk will reach its maximum value (23°26’11”) — the summer solstice will come. On the night of June 15-16, from the territory of Ukraine, the Moon will cover a fairly bright star, the τ Sagittarii.

June 2

  • The Moon is at apogee, 406,190 km from Earth

June 5

  • The Moon is 4° north of Regulus (α Leo, 1,3ᵐ)

June 7

  • The Moon is in the phase of the first quarter

June 10

  • The Moon is 4° north of Spica (α Vir, 1.0ᵐ)

June 12

  • Venus (-3,9ᵐ) is 1.5° south of Uranus (5.8ᵐ)

June 13

  • The Moon is 3° north of Antares (α Scorpio, 1.0ᵐ)

June 14

  • Full moon
  • The Moon is at perigee, 357,433 km from Earth

June 16

  • The Moon covers the star τ Sagittarii (3,3ᵐ)
  • Mercury in the greatest western elongation (23.2°)

June 19

  • The Moon is 6° south of Saturn (0.7ᵐ)

June 21

  • Summer Solstice
  • The Moon is in the last quarter phase
  • The Moon is 4° south of Neptune (7,9ᵐ)

June 22

  • The Moon is 6° south of Jupiter (-2.4ᵐ)

June 23

  • The Moon is 2° south of Mars (0.5ᵐ)

June 25

  • The Moon is 1° south of Uranus

June 26

  • The Moon is 2° north of Venus (-3.9ᵐ)

June 27

  • The Moon is 3° north of Mercury (-0.3ᵐ)

June 29

  • New Moon
  • The Moon is at apogee, 406,580 km from Earth (the greatest distance in 2022)

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