Announcement. Where to watch the launch of the Artemis I mission

NASA has resumed counting the time until the launch of the first mission of the Artemis program. The launch of the SLS rocket is scheduled for Saturday evening, September 3. Engineers hope that this time technical problems will not interfere.

Artemis I is scheduled to launch on Saturday. Source:

New attempt to launch SLS

NASA has resumed the countdown to the launch of the SLS rocket. After the launch was stopped on August 29 due to the inability to cool one of the engines to the required temperature, the engineers found it difficult whether it was necessary to bring the giant rocket back to the assembly facility, but in the end the problem was overcome on the spot. 

SLS had platforms installed, thanks to which specialists gained access to critical places on the engines. They came to the conclusion that the information about insufficient cooling came from a faulty sensor and decided to ignore its readings. However, the cooling of the rocket before launch will still be 30-45 minutes longer than the previous one.

The launch of the Artemis I mission is scheduled for Saturday, September 3. According to GMT+3, it will take place at 09:17 pm. Meteorologists predict that short-term rains may fall near the launch pad during the day, but in general the weather forecast remains favorable. You can watch the launch online on the official NASA stream:

Artemis I Mission

Artemis I is the first unmanned launch of a giant rocket, which in the second mission should deliver people to the orbit of the Moon, and in the third — to ensure their return to its surface. Also on Saturday, a number of small automatic probes will be launched.

If everything happens as planned, the Orion spacecraft will fly to the Moon, perform a series of maneuvers near it and in 37 days, that is, on October 11, it will return to earth and make a soft landing.

If the start does not take place on Saturday for technical reasons or due to the weather, then the start window will remain open until September 6. After that, the attempt can be repeated only at the end of the current month.

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