SpaceX to create satellite platform for military

SpaceX announced the development of a new satellite platform, called Starshield. It is designed to launch payloads into orbit for government and military customers. The main focus will be on missions in the interests of national security.

Satellite of the Starshield platform (concept). Source: SpaceX

According to the SpaceX presentation, Starshield will largely be based on the Starlink architecture. We are talking about a new family of satellites with a modular design that can accommodate a large number of different payloads (they can be cameras, radars, data collection and interception devices, etc.). SpaceX customers will also be able to launch spacecraft quickly, as well as scale the network.

Another important feature of Starshield will be the use of laser communication. Thanks to it, the devices will be able to exchange data among themselves. This will not only protect them from interception, but also allow users to communicate with them anywhere in the world through specialized terminals. SpaceX will also introduce the possibility of installing laser communication systems on other satellites of its customers, which will allow them to be included in the Starshield network.

According to unofficial data, the first prototypes of Starshield satellites were launched during the Globalstar FM15 mission in June 2022. Judging by the images presented by the company, they look different from all existing versions of Starlink.

Recall that SpaceX recently raised prices for Ukrainian Starlink users.

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