Satellites showed a Ukrainian plane destroyed in Sudan

The Maxar satellite showed the wreckage of a Boeing 737 airplane belonging to the Ukrainian company SkyUp. Together with 20 other planes, it was destroyed at the airport of Sudan Khartoum, as a result of the ongoing hostilities in the country.

The airplane of the Ukrainian company SkyUp. Source: Maxar Technologies

The burnt-out plane in satellite images

The New York Times published images of Maxar Technologies showing the situation that had developed at the airport of the Sudanese capital Khartoum. An armed conflict broke out in this country, as a result of which about 20 airplanes were destroyed at the airfield over the past few days.

In one of the planes, from which only wreckage and burnt concrete remained in the parking lot near the airport, a Boeing 737 belonging to the Ukrainian low-cost airline SkyUp was identified. Earlier it was reported that this particular plane caught fire shortly after it arrived from Saudi Arabia, but the crew managed to be taken out in advance.

In total, about 20 destroyed airplanes belonging to different countries and companies were identified in the images. At the same time, two of them were burning directly at the time when the images were taken on Monday afternoon.

Maxar Technologies is following the events in Sudan

Maxar Technologies is known for its numerous images of the war in Ukraine. It was thanks to them that the whole world saw the tragedy in Bucha and a bunch of equipment of the Russian army, which burned down where the Ukrainians got it.

Khartoum Airport. Source: Maxar Technologies

The events in Sudan began to unfold only three days ago, but the company already joined its coverage. The country has been going through one military coup after another for many years. The last one took place in October 2021. Since then, the country has been governed by a council of several generals. A few weeks ago, a conflict broke out between two of the most influential of them.

One of them is actually the president of the country, the other commands large military groups with Rapid Support Forces. Three days ago, they began to occupy key points in the state. In fact, we are talking about an attempt of a new military coup, which has not yet ended in anything.

As often happens in such cases, the world community was not ready to respond to the threat and no one warned air carriers about the threat. Therefore, they continued to land their planes under bullets and the Ukrainian company was among them.

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