Juno shows a fantastic photo of the shadow of Ganymede on Jupiter

Jupiter has dozens of satellites, both large and small. Ganymede is the largest satellite of the Solar System, capable of casting a noticeable shadow on the parent planet. At the end of February, NASA’s Juno spacecraft took a fantastic photo that emphasizes the greatness of the planet and the massiveness of Ganymede.

The dark shadow of Jupiter’s satellite Ganymede adorns the gas giant. Photo: NASA

NASA scientist Kevin Gill likes to provide perfectly photoshopped space images. This week he shared a photo from Juno. Kevin masterfully improved the image, removed speckles and increased clarity. The fact of the matter is NASA receives raw images from Juno. Therefore, retouching is required to make the photos better for perception. The work of experts like Gill allows us to better understand the wild charisma of Jupiter.

NASA Juno is currently on a mission to explore Jupiter, in particular its atmosphere, aurora polaris and satellites. The machine has been in orbit since 2016. At the beginning of 2021, its mission was prolonged. This will allow Juno to work until the end of 2025 or until the end of its “life”.