Ingenuity has made its twentieth flight

On February 25, the Ingenuity helicopter drone made its twentieth flight. According to the post published by the specialists of the mission support group, it lasted 130.3 seconds. In total, Ingenuity covered a distance of 291 m, moving at a maximum speed of 4.4 m/s.

During the new flight, Ingenuity continued its return to the site called Wright Brothers Field. This was the point where the drone was unloaded in April by the Perseverance rover. It was used as an improvised aerodrome during its first flights. After returning, Ingenuity will join the rover on its journey towards the remains of an ancient river delta. Mission specialists plan to use the drone to conduct aerial exploration of the Perseverance route.

Image taken by the Ingenuity rover during the twentieth flight. Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Paul Byrne

NASA engineers also published an image taken by Ingenuity during the flight. It shows the bottom of the Jezero crater.

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