Satellite shows Russian air bases hit by Ukrainian drones

Satellite operator Maxar Technologies showed the Russian air base in Engels before it was attacked by drones. The Israeli ImageSat International published an image of a similar strike on an airfield near Ryazan.

Russian bombers at the air base. Source: Maxar Technologies

Air bases from which Russia launched missile strikes

On the morning of December 5, information appeared that the Engels air base in the Saratov region was hit by an unknown drone. Almost immediately, there were reports of a similar attack on the Diaghilev airfield, located near Ryazan. Both locations are known as the bases of Russian strategic aviation.

Despite the fact that both air bases are located hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian border, it is on them that Tu-95, Tu-160 and Tu-22M bombers are based, from which missiles are launched at civilian infrastructure facilities and nodes of the power grid of Ukraine.

Actually, this activity is clearly visible on satellite images taken by Maxar Technologies. They were taken on December 3 and 4, and they demonstrate the activity observed here these days. It is quite possible that this was the preparation of new missile strikes. For example, strategic bombers could fly to the Olenja airfield near the borders with Norway, where these munitions are stored.

Consequences of the drone attack

Of course, it is impossible to see any consequences of a possible attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the very pictures of Maxar Technologies. Only the bombers standing at the airfield. After all, these photos were taken before the attack.

But they are complemented by an image published by the Israeli ImageSat International. It shows another airfield — Diaghilev. It is well possible to see the Tu-22M tactical missile carrier standing on the runway, and next to it fresh traces of fire and explosion.

The picture dated the day of December 5, so it was taken a few hours after the airfield was hit and there was no doubt about the fact of the hit. But what exactly it was inflicted on versions differ.

With confidence, we can state only the ability of Ukraine to hit targets at a distance of 1000 km from the front line. Theoretically, this makes it possible to strike at the capital of Russia — Moscow.

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