Satellite images: There are more Wagner equipment in Belarus

The Maxar Technologies satellite has taken new pictures of the main camp of the Wagner Group, which is located near the city of Asipovichy in Belarus. They show an increase in the number of trucks and the appearance of construction equipment, which indicates the activity of an organization that is recognized as a terrorist in the world.

The base of the Wagner Group near Asipovichy. Source: Maxar Technologies

Activity of the Wagner Group in Belarus

The activity of the private military company “Wagner” is increasing. At least, this was evidenced by satellite images taken by the spacecraft of the American company Maxar Technologies and published by the British Institute for the Study of War. 

Back in early July, analysts drew attention to the abandoned military base in the village for several years. The target is near the town of Asipovichy in the central part of Belarus. Images of the same Maxar Technologies showed that some incomprehensible activity was taking place on it and hundreds of tents appeared.

These events were immediately connected with the relocation of the private military company “Wagner” and its head Yevgeny Prigozhin to Belarus. Before that, he staged a military mutiny in Russia, but managed to find a way out of the situation with the help of Alexander Lukashenko.

However, then the council of experts questioned the possibility of such a quick relocation. Now there is no doubt about it. Experts counted approximately 35 large trailers and hundreds of passenger cars in the images obtained on July 23. In addition, the pictures showed construction equipment that had previously been seen in the columns of “Wagner”.

Cars and trailers in the Wagner camp. Source:

What to expect next?

However, so far satellite images cannot answer the main question: what to expect next. The Wagner PMCs has been fighting for many years in many countries of the world, defending the interests of Russia, and is actually its second illegal army. It is recognized as a terrorist organization in the world.

Wagner took an active part in a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, but in the end, Prigozhin had a conflict with the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country, which ended in a riot. However, it did not lead to a civil war and they even talked with Putin. What the mercenaries, who are coming to Belarus not only from Russia, but also from Africa, will do now remains a mystery.

We can only say for sure that Russia is not going to eliminate the terrorists under its control. But there are many goals for them in Belarus. For some time, there have been suggestions that the mercenaries may try to capture Kyiv from the north again. But recently Lukashenko announced another possible scenario.

Allegedly, the mercenaries asked him for permission to “take a walk” in the direction of Warsaw. The Tsel village is located far from both the Ukrainian and Polish borders. But this does not mean that Wagner will not be able to arrange provocations on the territory of a NATO member country.

According to

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